NBN & FAB Fibre Access

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What is the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

NBN Co was established by the Federal Government to build a “next generation” high speed broadband network by rolling fibre optic cable to Australian business and residential premises. The network is designed to offer wholesale speeds of up to 100Mbps (expandable to 1Gbps) to 93 per cent of Australian premises by 2021. The 7 per cent of premises not covered by fibre are expected to receive high-speed broadband 12Mbps via fixed-wireless and satellite, with the rollout of both services expected to be complete by 2015.


What is Fibre Access Broadband (FAB)?

Fibre Access Broadband (FAB) is Telstra’s fibre alternative to NBN and enables residential and small business fibre access broadband over Telstra’s Internet Grade fibre network.

FAB delivers a broadband service via fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and offers customers’ speeds in excess of those currently available on the current DSL service.

FAB offers 3 access speeds:

  • up to 8Mbps downstream and up to 384kbps upstream
  • up to 30Mbps downstream and up to 1Mbps upstream, or
  • up to 100Mbps downstream and up to 5Mbps upstream.

The FAB service can be supplied to an end user whose local Telstra exchange contains the appropriate Internet Grade equipment, i.e. OLT (Optical Line Terminal).

Provision of the FAB service will be subject to a full service qualification process which checks that:

  • the end user’s local Telstra exchange has been FAB-enabled
  • the end user’s address is in a FAB eligible area, and
  • there is a Basic Telephone Service delivered via fibre at the end user premises.



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