ADSL2+ Business Broadband.


Telstra network, business grade.

ADSL2+ pricing.

ADSL2+ internet is a highspeed Telstra national broadband service making it the ideal solution for business and the home power-user.

Speed is the key to an enhanced internet experience and our premium Telstra national broadband network ADSL2+ is as good as it gets without the expense of going to fibre or ethernet!




Per user/month




Per user/month




Per user/month




Per user/month

Terms of Service

Important Information

The above pricing is for On-Net services.


All Soho plans are shaped plans, offering ‘full speed’ access up to the specified download quota.

Downloading of metered data beyond the specified Download Quota may result in your speed (upload and download) being reduced to 64 Kbps until the end of your charging period.

All SoHo plans include 1 Static IP address and are intended for Business/Home Office broadband access.

While Cybertel does not block IP ports and servers may technically be run on these plans, Cybertel recommends the use of SoHo ADSL plans for server and VPN applications.

These plans are ‘Layer 2′ services using the PPP protocol via PPPoE or PPPoA to connect.

Always-available connection – Connect anytime, no busy signals, dedicated connection to the Internet.

Use your phone concurrently – Telephone line can place and receive calls concurrently – no second line needed!
Supports PPPoE client software or a PPPoE / PPPoA compatible firewall device.

All Operating Systems Welcome – If it supports PPPoE, you’re welcome to use it. Mac, Linux, PC/Windows, whatever. We don’t discriminate.

Bring your own ADSL Modem – Choose the Modem that suits your needs – bring your own or buy one from us at a competitive rate – see our price list for details.

No regional surcharge – Same access prices for any area we cover, metro or regional.

No upload surcharge – All upload-direction data is free of charge.

Usage based plans are also available, please contact us for more details.

*Some other ADSL service providers assess and usage charge for both upload and download data on your ADSL connection. This means that applications which send and receive data concurrently (such as online games) are effectively double-charged. Cybertel assesses usage only in the ‘download’ (Internet-to-customer) direction, and traffic returned from the customer to the Internet is FREE.

$129 once-off setup and activation fee applies to new ADSL services.
$59 once-off setup and activation fee applies to ADSL services transferred (churned) from other supporting ADSL providers.
No Contract commitment, a $70 early termination fee applies if service is cancelled within 6 months.
Monthly payments may only be made via credit card or Direct Debit from a bank account.
The service can also be invoiced on a quarterly basis, paid in advance.
ADSL services are non-refundable.


K is Kilobyte
MB is Megabyte
GB is Gigabyte, 1 Gigabyte is equal to 1,000 Megabytes
Shaped means once you reach your allocated transfer allowance for the month your speed is throttled back to 64K download by 64K upload
Monthly Download is Peak = 12.00pm to 11.59pm, Off Peak 12.00am to 11.59am.


No resale of bandwidth – Access provided for personal and immediate family use only.
$70 early termination fee if service is cancelled within 6 months.
Monthly payments may only be made via credit card or direct debit paid in advance.
Cybertel services are non-refundable.
Additional limitations are noted below in the notes section.
Conditions may change – If service conditions are changed in the future, customers will be permitted to cease using the service without penalty if the new conditions are not accepted.

The SoHo ADSL early termination fee
The SoHo ADSL service is normally provisioned within 21 days and activated by Cybertel no later that 7 days thereafter at which time Cybertel will commence billing the customer.

Customers wishing to terminate their ADSL service with Cybertel prior to the end of the first six months from activation date are liable to pay an early termination fee of $70.

Automatic SoHo ADSL Service Cancellations
Please be aware that your Cybertel ADSL service will be automatically cancelled by the carrier and a new ADSL service will need to be ordered by you (including a new $129 Activation fee):

When your Telephone account is cancelled.
When you shift location (even if taking the same number with you.
If you order an ADSL-incompatible product on the line ADSL is delivered on.


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