Inbound Numbers.

Drive calls to your business.

13, 1300, 1800

Comprehensive routing options, simplex or complex.

Inbound Numbers

Improve your corporate image and add convenience for your customers. An inbound 1800, 13 or 1300 number will increase the volume of calls to your business.

Whether in the office or on a work site, Cybertel’s flexible routing options makes it easier than ever for your customers to reach you.

If you have an existing 13, 1300 or 1800 number, bring it to Cybertel and start saving money.

Inbound services provide your customers with a convenient and cost effective way to communicate with your business. Customers calling from fixed line phones are either toll free (1800), or charged at local rates when calling 13 or 1300 services, encouraging them to stay in touch while improving your level of customer service.

Phone words such as 1300 cybertel, can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Cybertel specialises in securing your phone word on your behalf. To find out if your phone word is available, visit Smartnumbers.

 Simplex NumbersComplex Numbers
Setup Cost$0.00$0.00
Monthly Rental$19.95$24.95
Minimum 1 Month - Total Minimum Cost$19.95$24.95
To Your Fixed Line
From a Local CallerFirst 10 minutes FREE
10c per minute thereafter
(no free time on 1800)
First 10 minutes FREE
12c per minute thereafter
(no free time on 1800)
From a National Caller12c per minute16c per minute
From a Mobile Caller16c per minute18c per minute
From all Callers22c per minute25c per minute


Choose the solution that best suits your organisation. State Based or Exchange Based call routing technology ensures every call is directed to the appropriate destination, every time.

Port in Existing Number Fee$0.00$59.95
New Number Setup Fee$0.00$0.00
Setup Time1-5 Working DaysSame Day
Time of Day RoutingYesYes
Postcode RoutingYesYes
Real-Time ConfigurationNo – Allow 1-5 DaysYes
IVR Call Routing Press-Key MenusNoYes
Voicemail to EmailNoYes
Fax to EmailNoYes
Fax BroadcastNoYes
Reminder CallsNoYes
Call RecordingNoYes
Voice Prompt Audio ManagementNoYes


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