Cisco Handset Configuration for myCloudPBX

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Manual Provision Cisco Phone

1. Login into the phone interface via its LAN IP address. To obtain the IP address, press the second button down, (page with folded corner icon).

2. Scroll down to “network” and “select”.

3. Enter the IP address into your browser, press enter and the login window will appear. The default login is admin, admin

4. Select the “Advanced” Admin option in the top right-hand corner.

5. Go to:
Ext 1 tab
Proxy and Registration
Proxy =  “your PBX name”
Subscriber Information – Display Name, User ID, and Auth ID: is the phone’s Ext number.
Use Auth ID: change to “yes”;
Password: is the password in the Mycloud portal for the phone/Ext that you’re configuring.
Audio Configuration – Preferred Codec: G711a
-Dial Plan: (*xx|xx.|**|*xx.|**xx.)   (copy and paste this string, including brackets)

Press Save.

6. Go to:
Provisioning Tab:
Profile Rule:$PSN.cfg
Configuration Profile – Upgrade Rule:  ($SWVER lt 7.5.2b) ? |

Press Save