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Disabling the Missed Call Notification on Yealink Phones

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Disabling a missed call notification on a Yealink handset or phone. You may want to do this if you miss a call, clear it from one handset, but other handsets show the missed call and flashing red light.

Applies To

  • Yealink SIP VP-T49G
  • SIP-T48G
  • SIP-T46G
  • SIP-T42G
  • SIP-T41P
  • SIP-T40P
  • SIP-T29G
  • SIP-T27P
  • SIP-T23G
  • SIP-T23P
  • SIP-T21(P) E2


  1. If you know the IP address of the handset, skip this step. Otherwise do one of the following:
    • Press the OK button on the phone. This will show you the IP of that phone. 
    • You can also discover IP addresses via your router.
  2.  Enter the IP obtained in step 1 into your web browser, and log in to the phone. The default login for a Yealink phone is admin for the username and the password.
  3.  Go to Account > Basic.
  4.  Set Missed Call Log to Disabled.
  5.  Click Confirm.

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