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Is your website a valuable marketing asset, attracting visitors and converting them into clients? Or is it just an online business card, something you have because you know your should have one?

Effective Online Marketing can transform your business. Online Marketing involves the promotion and optimization of websites to attract targeted traffic and convince visitors to contact your business and to become your clients.

What is online marketing?

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) is the part of Online Marketing used to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimizing content (on-page optimization) and building links to your site (off-page optimization).

Search Engine Marketing

(SEM) is the part of Online Marketing used to go beyond organic search results and deliver finely targeted traffic with a solid return on investment, through Google AdWords advertising, banner ads, contextual advertising and paid content. Online Marketing also includes Social Media Marketing, Mobile Advertising (SMS) and the tried-and-true Email Marketing.

How will Online Marketing benefit my business?

Imagine that your website is on page 5 of Google’s search results. You may receive 20 visits a month, resulting in a single inquiry for your products or services once every 6 months, which makes you $60 in profit. By optimizing your site and driving visitors to it from social media, email and online ads etc., until your traffic increases to 20 visitors a day (600 a month) and your conversion rate doubles, your profit would increase to $3,600 in 6 months.

But online marketing can be a bit much for a small business to do on its own, particularly with the frequent changes to computer and telecommunication technologies. Business owners have enough trouble keeping up with the things in which they are experts, let alone staying informed with every change Google makes to its search engine. The solution is to use professional online marketers, which is where Cybertel can help.

Online marketing packages.

Online Marketing Package: Organic

Increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages through optimizing content (on-page optimization) and building links to your site (off-page optimization).

Online Marketing Package: Pay-Per-Click

Deliver precisely targeted traffic based on key word/key phrase research using your predetermined budget with a solid return on investment, through Google AdWords advertising.


Cybertel’s strategy is to firstly, understand your business and business goals, lay the ground work and establish the online marketing blueprint specific to your business, then empower you and/or your staff to manage and maintain the systems we implement.


  • Understand your business and business goals. Becoming familiar with the site’s business goals and target market and finding the keyword expressions that will attract the largest number of qualified visitors to it – this requires up to 1.5 hours of your time, the business owner, to answer a detailed marketing questionnaire.
  • Optimising the website for the best use of the selected keywords, including installing and configuring SEO plugins, improving keyword density in the content, ensuring code validity, adding authorship markup and more.
  • Linking the site to Google Analytics, verifying data collection and setting up performance goals – this requires administrative access to existing Google accounts. If you do not have a Google account, we will create it and invite you, the site’s owner to be an administrator.
  • Linking the site to Google Webmaster Tools and verifying that Google is able to index the entire site correctly – this requires the Google Analytics setup.
  • Creating an optimised (local) business page for the business on Google Plus and training a representative of the business on using it – initially we create the page and work on it, but at some point, the representative of the business will need a Google Plus profile to own and administer the page.
  • Setting up social media profiles on the most suitable networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc., and training a representative of the business on using it – this requires administrative access to all aspects of the businesses’ social media presence until work is handed over to the client. This may also require graphic design of Facebook and Twitter business pages, which is charged separately.
  • Analysing site statistics on Google Analytics over the 6 month period and optimising it for better search performance and a higher conversion rate.

Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t charge ongoing fees for Online Marketing, instead we establish the blueprint over 6 months of online marketing consulting and training and then handover to you.


Organic package: $880 per month for 6 months

Pay per click.

Cybertel is partnered with a Google Engage Partner, we manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords accounts while you retain full financial and editorial control over them and can see what’s going on at the finest level of detail. We often find AdWords to be a great tool for market testing, but its power is in having a clear Return On Investment (ROI) and the ability to target searches very precisely, including by device, screen size, location and time of day.


Our introductory package includes:

  • Campaign setup and initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We make sure your site is free from problems and linked to Google’s quality assurance system to ensure smooth crawling and indexing by the search engines.
  • We perform market research for the best keywords (keyword phrases) and determine your best online market niche to target, split them up into ad groups, write 2 ads for each ad group, set a budget of $10/day for 7 days and optimise the campaign during that time. At the end of the week, we report to the business owner and recommend an ongoing budget based on the campaign’s performance.
  • We link the site to Google’s performance monitoring system so you can track exactly how effective your marketing efforts are.
  • We teach you how to get more traffic yourself or with the help of your current employees through small, consistent content publishing and sharing.
  • We teach you how to engage your prospects on your site and gain their trust, through effective offers and “calls to action”, through email campaigns and through social media sharing, without being pushy.
  • Through this service, you will get targeted traffic to your website, which you will be able to link with more leads, more sales and more profits.
  • For new AdWords accounts, we offset the initial investment with a $75 Google AdWords credit voucher.

Pay-Per-Click Package: Initial Investment $399


What About Ongoing? Now that you have the tools, it’s up to you. Invest as much or as little as your budget permits and control activities based on the results they produce for your business.

For all the facts to “do-it-yourself”, you can download Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide here.


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