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Registering a Handset to a Yealink W Series Base Station

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How to register a Yealink handset with a single W series or multiple W series base stations.

Registering with a Single Base Station

1. Hold down the Connect button on the base for about 3 seconds, until the top light of the three green lights starts blinking.

w 60 Base

2. On the handset, there should be a message that states “Unregistered!”. Press the button on the bottom left of the screen labelled Reg.

reg step 2

3. With the base in pairing mode, the handset will start Searching for it, and attempt to connect automatically.

reg step 3

4. Upon success, the phone will display a message Handset Subscribed (along with the unique ID of the particular base subscribed to), confirming successful registration.

reg step 4

5. You are a legend, give yourself a high five.

With Multiple Base Stations

1. Press the OK button on the handset to open the phone’s main menu.

w 60 step 2 1

2. Navigate to Settings and press OK.

w 60 step 2 2

3. In settings, navigate down to Registration (or press 6 on the dial pad).

reg mb step 2 3

4. Navigate to Register Handset.

reg mb step 2 4

5. On the Yealink Base, hold down the Connect button until the top green light starts flashing, about 3 seconds.

w 60 Base

6. Select the next empty Base #.

reg mb step 2 6

7. Wait for the Searching dialogue to complete.

reg step 3

8. Press OK on the Subscribe Base screen, followed by your pin (default is 0000).

reg mb step 2 8 1

9. You should now be paired with the additional base.

reg mb step 2 9

10. You are a legend, give yourself a high five.








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