We operate several Bridgestone Select stores throughout Queensland. Last year we moved 3 of our stores onto Cybertel’s Cloud PBX system.

Cybertel’s hosted phone system has given us hands-on control of each store. We can see who is on the phone at each location. We can listen in on calls to train new staff. The call recording feature and reporting module have allowed us to monitor our stores and staff performance from hundreds of km away, all from one central online portal.

In January this year, we commenced the process to bring on the remaining stores, as we now know how powerful the system is, and that the transition is hassle-free, with the whole process managed end to end by the Cybertel team.

This new phone system and Smartphone softphone app have given us more flexibility, functionality, and efficiency than we ever knew was possible.

Christopher Bollins

Managing Director, Bridgestone Select QTR