Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can Cybertel’s call rates be such good value compared to other phone companies?
A: Two reasons,
1) Cybertel buys Telstra Wholesale services at very favourable rates and because we don’t have the huge overheads of the larger Telco’s, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

2) Our web based billing system generates and emails you your monthly account, doing away with the need for an accounts department. The email invoice contains complete call details for quick verification and account reconciliation.
Q: As your prices are so low does this mean the service will not be as good?
A: No, normal fixed-line voice calls are carried on Telstra’s network. Smartoffice calls are carried on Optus’ secure private network. The call quality is exactly the same as your current service.

Q: How long does it take before I start saving money?
A: It takes a maximum of 5-working days before your current service provider stops billing you and Cybertel starts.

Q: Will there be any disruption to my current service?
A: No, the transition is seamless.

Q: Do I need to buy any equipment?
A: No, all our services use your existing phone line and phone system with the exception of Cybertel Smartoffice, which will require the installation of a Router. The router and installation are free while connected to Cybertel Smartoffice for 24 months.

Q: Do I have to do anything?
A: No, You simply give us authorisation to “churn” your current service to Cybertel and we do the rest.

Q: Are there any additional or hidden costs?
A: No, there are no contracts or setup costs, nor is there a minimum usage on fixed-line services. Mobile and Cybertel Smartoffice have optional contracts.

Q: What if I am not happy with the savings or service with Cybertel?
A: No problem, you are free to revert back to your original service provider at any time, for what ever reason, no questions asked. There are no contracts or minimum term. Reverting back to your original service provider will take just 48-hours.

Q: What happens to my service if for some reason Cybertel decides to get out of the Telecommunications business?
A: Unlikely, but if we did then your service will be billed by our wholesale service provider. This process would happen without disruption to your service.

Q: How do I pay my account?
A: Cybertel is able to offer great rates because our on-line billing system does away with the need for an accounts department. Accounts are paid via Direct Debit Request from either a credit card or bank account.

Q: When is my credit card or bank account debited?
A: Typically debited on the 14th of each month.

Q: Are there any monthly minimums to pay?
A: There are no monthly minimums. You pay only the cost of your calls and line rental.

Q: Can I make a payment direct to your bank account?
A: Yes, our bank account details are located on page 2 of your invoice.

Please be sure to let us know you have made a payment, with your Customer Code, the amount paid, and Invoice Number. You can do this by ‘phone, fax or email.


Q: What is “Full-Service” option?
A: With Full-Service option you bring all of your telephone services across to Cybertel including line rental. Cybertel bills you for everything.
The Full-Service option is the best option because you will receive just one bill for all services.

Q: What is “Pre-Select” option?
A: With the Pre-Select option you place calls exactly as you would using your primary service provider (eg Telstra, or Optus). Your local calls will still be processed by your primary service provider, but all STD, International and calls to mobiles will be connected and billed by Cybertel, because your service has been programmed for this.

Q: What is “Over-Ride” option?
A: You place calls by first dialling an access code issued by Cybertel followed by the number you wish to call. This gives you a choice between using your primary service provider (eg Telstra, or Optus) or Cybertel to place particular calls. If you have Over-Ride service option, and dial normally, your primary service provider will process and bill the call to you. If you want Cybertel to process and bill the call, just enter your access code before your destination number. Like Pre-Select, this service means you continue to use your existing carrier for line rental and local calls.
Q: How do I arrange for Cybertel service?
A: You will need to complete an Account Application Form, an Authority to Change Provider Form and a Direct Debit Request Form. This is typically processed and approved within 24 hours.

Q: How long will it take for the service to start?
A: Service activation for fixed-line and mobile services is usually within 5-working days. Cybertel Smartoffice will take up to 25 working days to provision.

Q: How long will current rates last?
A: Rates are current from the date shown on our current rate sheet or as published on our web site. Whenever Cybertel’s wholesale costs decrease, we will review our rates downwards and amend your account accordingly without notification. If in the unlikely event that rates go up, we will notify you 30-days prior to any rate changes. We recommend you check your rates via your secure login.
Billing FAQs
Q: When will I get my bill?
A: Billing is done within the first few days in each month for the previous calendar month. Your Account Summary is automatically emailed to you by the Emersion Billing system.

Q: Who bills me?
A: You will be billed by Cybertel via the Emersion Billing system. If you use several of our services, ie mobile phone, Internet, web hosting etc., these are all combined on the one monthly bill.

Q: Do I get full details of my calls?
A: Yes. Your Account will show a summary all information about your service. Full details of all calls made, call duration and call charges for the billing period.

Q: How are my calls charged?
A: You are charged for all connected calls. If you connect to an answering machine, fax, message service, or misdialled number, you will be charged for such connected calls. Calls are charged per second. Some National, International and calls to mobiles may be subject to flag-fall, check your rate plan for details.

Q: How is my bill made up?
A: Billing is fully computerised and a summary made up from call data, with itemised records of all calls on your monthly statement. This raw data is automatically checked by the Emersion Billing System for any anomalies and fluctuations, however, we recommend that you check your bills and advise us where you consider a mistake may have been made.

Q: Who do I talk to in the case of a fault or technical issue?
A: You report the fault to us on 1300 789 084, we handle the rest.

Q: Will my fault call be treated with a lower priority because I’m not a Telstra direct customer?
A: No, the ACCC ensures that non-Telstra customers get equal service, in fact, in many cases we are able to push things through quicker than you could if you lodged the fault with Telstra direct.

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