I have had telecommunication issues forever! Been to and fro with the big telco’s for so many years and it always ends the same….my business never gets what it needs (except a big bill) and I always end up disappointed. They never seem to grasp my needs, listen to them or have staff equipped to deliver on them. Then i was recommended to try Cybertel…..
Laura listened to my sad stories, quickly found out what my business needed and put the wheels in motion to get it up and running quickly. They have not only delivered a first class product but did it while coping with many headaches & holdups along the way (thanks Optus). All the time they kept me informed and updated every step of the way.
Now my business can get back to doing what we do best and not stressing because our telephone system isn’t working properly.
As well as our phone system, Cybertel have sorted our NBN and taken care of our domains and websites too.
A big thanks to Laura & Clive at Cybertel for all your efforts and friendly, efficient service. Looking forward to a long association.

Shayne Browne

Managing Director, Learn Music