For any business, infrastructure is overhead, so building the right infrastructure is essential, including choosing the right phone system.

We have compiled the top seven common mistakes businesses make when choosing a business phone system from our own experience and the following articles on global telecommunications trends: – – – –

Here is mistake number 1, in no particular order. We will post all 7 mistakes via a downloadable PDF in the coming weeks.

1. Not Understanding the Technology
You do not need to be a geek but having a basic understanding of the underlying principles of how voice services are delivered today will help you make an informed choice. The old analogue copper network delivered voice and data over copper lines, called trunks, one copper line for each telephone number. Data was also delivered over a copper line, sometimes dedicated, sometimes shared with a Fax-line via a splitter. This arrangement was referred to as voice AND data, however, with the end-of-life of the copper network, and the rollout of fibre (NBN), voice and data have converged, voice IS data thanks to a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). And both voice (multiple lines now called channels) and data are delivered over a single data connection.

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